Comparison of dyeing of polyester fibres with natural dye and bio-mordant

Journal: Vol.11, No.3, Summer 2018 - Article 4   Pages :  165 Until 172

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A. SEN: Jadavpur University - Department of Chemical Engineering
A. Bhowal: Jadavpur University - Department of Chemical Engineering
S. Datta: Jadavpur University - Department of Chemical Engineering

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In this study, dyeing of two regenerated polyester fibres, poly-trimethylene terephthalate PTT and poly-lactic acid PLA, with natural dyes were compared with that of poly-ethylene terephthalate PET fibre. Lac was used as the primary natural colorant while Catechu was chosen as a natural colour that can also act as a biomordant. The effects of temperature, initial pH of dye bath and dyeing time on colour strength of the fibres were examined with Lac and Lac-Catechu combination. The results indicated the regenerated polyester fibres to have more number of functional groups and less compact structure than PET, favouring dyeing under milder conditions. PTT exhibited higher colour uptake than the other fibres. Also, with Lac and Catechu in same dye bath, the colour strength was found to increase for all fibres, indicating that Catechu acted as a biomordant. Response Surface Methodology RSM based on 23-Central Composite Design CCD was used for optimization of dyeing of PTT with Lac-Catechu combination. The optimal values were found to be 127OC, 6 and 26’ for temperature, initial pH and dyeing time respectively. The quadratic regression model developed was found to be statistically significant using ANOVA, with R2-value and adjusted R2-value of 0.9708 and 0.9271 respectively.

Poly-trimethylene terephthalate; Poly-lactic acid; Lac; Catechu; Response surface methodology.

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