Study of environment and pH effects on the spectral behavior of arylazobenzylidene dyes

Journal: Vol.12, No.2, Spring 2018 - Article 1   Pages :  69 Until 78

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Ali Ghanadzadeh Gilani : University of Guilan - Department of Chemistry
A. Mohammadi: Faculty of Sciences, University of Guilan - Department of Chemistry
Mahshid Riazi: University of Guilan - Department of Chemistry

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In this study, four arylazobenzylidene dyes a-d were synthesized with excellent yields in two steps using the Knoevenagel condensation and azo-coupling reactions. Absorption spectra of these dyes with different substituents were investigated in organic solvents as a function of solvent polarity. The spectral features of synthesized arylazobenzylidene dyes were described according to azo-hydrazone tautomerism as well as the solvatochromic characteristic of the approved tautomer. The nature and degree of solute-solvent interactions were illustrated using Kamlet-Taft multiparameter polarity scales. The effects of acid-base on the UV-visible absorption spectra of the dyes were reported. In addition, different absorption characteristics were observed for these dyes in pure diethanolamine.

Arylazobenzylidene dye, Solvatochromism, Tautomerism, Substituent effect

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